What to do in Florida: Have an eco-friendly 4th of July party

Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach (credit: Florida DEP)

Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach (credit: Florida DEP)

Eco-friendly party tips for your July 4th Florida vacation

It’s a holiday and you’re looking forward to a carefree day of fun. While you’re partying this Independence Day, here are a few tips to protect the environment when you’re having fun:


Share a ride when heading to the beach, a party or backyard barbecue. Choose a designated driver while you’re at it.

Fish responsibly

If you’re out fishing for the day, remember to reel in! If you’ve got tangled fishing line, don’t leave it behind but properly dispose it.

Watch where you walk

If there’s a pathway or boardwalk, make sure you use it rather than straying from the trail. These walkways are put in place to  protect dunes, animals and native vegetation.

Leave no trace

Whatever you bring to the park or the beach, make sure it returns with you or finds its way into a trash can or recycle bin. The golden rule is to put out and “pack out”, especially when you’re in the outdoors – it can bring injury to wildlife and harm the environment. This season, especially, when sea turtle nests were damaged by the tropical storm, they are particularly vulnerable. Make sure you put out any fires, pick up after your pets, dispose of leftovers properly and recycle anything else.

Buried debris

Cleanup from Tropical Storm Debby is still happening, so be careful as some debris has been submerged during the flooding. Boaters should be especially careful.

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