Travel Tips: How to improve your sunset photos

Ocean Sunset (credit:

Ocean Sunset (credit:

Snap a great sunset photograph on your Florida vacation

There’s nothing like the sun slipping into the ocean for a great photo, especially when it captures a vacation memory. Sunset photos aren’t that difficult to capture – check out our photography tips to capture a better image the next time you’re at the beach.

Plan Ahead

Spontaneous photos are great scope out the area beforehand to see if there are interesting features you can include in the foreground or as a silhouette. Remember that the colors in the sky are continuously changing so you need to be ready. Thinking ahead includes knowing when the sun will set!

Wide to Zoom

Experiment with your camera’s focal length. Use a wide angle to capture the wide expanse of the ocean or to get an object in the foreground. Use your zoom lens, to focus on a far away object like the sun.

Don’t put your camera away when the sun disappears

It’s often after the sun sinks into the horizon that it colors the sky, so keep your camera handy. If there are clouds in the sky be especially attentive as the sun will light them up in an array of hues and pigments.

Break the rule of thirds

Rules were made to be broken and this is one of the times to try it. While you can go with the usual composition and place elements off centre or the horizon one third from the top or bottom, you can also let the sky dominate – it’s the most colorful component, and remember that some of your foreground could end up silhouetted anyhow and be dark as a result.

Change Perspective

Lie down in the sand or get close to the shoreline – you’ll not only capture an interesting perspective, but you’ll catch the sunset’s reflections in the water as well.

Look behind you

As the sun sets, the colors spread throughout the sky so don’t forget to turn around and look for other photo opportunities.

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