Travel Gear: Store all your cables and electronics in one bag

Electronic Organizer Cable Stable (credit: Skooba Designs)

Electronic Organizer Cable Stable (credit: Skooba Designs)

Stay organized with your electronics on your next Florida Vacation

We’re always on the hunt for travel gear to keep us organized, especially when it comes to all of our electronic gear. From iPads and iPods to digital cameras and cell phones, it’s hard to keep track of power cords, earphones, headphones, memory sticks, batteries – you get the idea! We’ve tested a number of products and have found the Skooba Cable Stable DLX to be the best on the market.

The review

We’ve spent enough time traveling to spend way too much time looking for cords, wires or cables at the bottom of a bag, or worse yet, forgetting a battery or drive at a hotel room. This hasn’t happened once now that we’re using the Cable Stable! It zips everything up with a handy carrying handle so if you want to keep all your electronics together, it’s easier than ever.

The verdict

We tested the Cable Stable everywhere – in our carryon, checked luggage, on weekend trips and weeklong trips – and each time we didn’t lose track of one item! There are 15 pockets to keep everything organized with zippered pockets for valuable items, mesh pockets for smaller items and elastic loops for items that may require a stretch like batteries or thumb drives. A large outside pocket holds larger items like notes, tickets and hotel key cards, and, if you haven’t overstuffed it, there’s even room for your tablet before you zip it all up.


  • Saves you from losing electronics or rifling for them at the bottom of a bag.
  • The nylon exterior doesn’t snag and the carrying handle is soft on the hands.


  • A second exterior zippered compartment on the other side for just a bit more space would be handy.


The Cable Stable is available for $39.95 plus shipping.

Tell us…

How many cables or wires have you lost while traveling?