Safety Tips for Memorial Day

Memorial Day (credit: Entryways)

Memorial Day (credit: Entryways)

Stay safe during your Memorial Day Florida vacation

Memorial Day is a time for celebration and having fun with family and friends. It’s during these times, however, to be aware of safety tips and keep everyone safe.

Fireworks safety tips

Fireworks always light up the eyes of children – just make sure you follow package instructions carefully, as well as our tips below:

  • Don’t ever light fireworks in the vicinity of dry grass or anywhere indoors.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher  and bucket of water close at hand.
  • When working with fireworks, zip up – loose clothing can be dangerous.
  • If a device isn’t working, don’t stand over it to check things out. Always keep a distance of several feet from anything that is lit.
  • Always keep your eye on children and don’t let them go unsupervised around fireworks.

Drinking safety tips

Sure you want to kick back and have a few beers, but if you’ve had to much to drink, make sure you follow some basic rules:

  • Choose a designated driver among your friends
  • Don’t drink and drive – take a taxi to your hotel
  • Don’t venture out alone
  • Don’t show off by climbing a balcony or going swimming

Barbecue safety tips

Barbecues are synonymous with long weekends and an enjoyable and cost effective way to relax in the company of friends, whether at an outdoor barbecue or a picnic pavilion. Accidents can happen, and with certain precautionary measures, many can be avoided:

  • Always double check the propane tank and fuel line connections.
  • If using lighter fluid, be cautious.
  • If you have children playing nearby, keep them away from outdoor grills.
  • If you’re using hot coals, let them cool completely. Keep a metal container to store them in.

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