iPhone App for Navigating Florida traffic

Drive on Daytona Beach

Drive on Daytona Beach

Surviving Holiday traffic during your Florida vacation

Do you find everyone is in a hurry during the holiday season? Pressure mounts with last-minute shopping and guests arriving to the point that a congested route can fray nerves. If you’re muddling your way through Holiday traffic during the next few weeks, and would rather head to the beach than into a traffic jam, consider the Florida Department of Transportation’s “Know Before You Go”  system. The system covers traffic throughout Florida, and could bring some peace to the holiday season by simply dialing 511 on your phone or checking in with the FL511.com website.

iOS Mobile App

For iPhone, iPod and iPad users, there’s the added  bonus of  the Florida511 app that the Transportation Department launched this summer. Using GPS it provides information for the user’s current location (and up to 200 miles) regarding traffic congestion, incidents, construction and travel times. The app provides audio as well as a video view (if available). Traffic and construction alerts are another key feature – you can define the size of the area for receiving the alerts. There’s also the option to set up a personalized route created at the 511 website.

An android version will be released next but the date is yet undetermined.

Drive the Beach!

If you want to go slow and literally see the beach from your window, take your wheels to the sand on Daytona Beach during their regulated driving times. It will be a holiday experience to remember!

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Do you find holiday drivers share in the spirit of the season or do tempers flare?