Have a dolphin deliver your Valentine’s Day message

Valentine's Day at Discovery Cove ©Discovery Cove

Valentine's Day at Discovery Cove ©Discovery Cove


Celebrate Valentine’s Day on your Florida vacation

Share your love this Valentine’s Day, with a dolphin! Discovery Cove in Orlando has a variety of options for unique experiences, from snorkeling with fish and rays to feeding exotic birds from your hand in the aviary, but if you’re looking for a fresh idea to surprise your loved on this Valentine’s Day, try the following.

Dolphin Delivery

Swimming with a dolphin is enough to put a smile on both of your faces, and, create a memorable experience that both of you have shared together. If you want to top it off and are looking for a novel way to say, “I Love You”, try the following. After swimming and playing with bottlenose dolphins, this delightful sea mammal can swim directly to your loved one and deliver  your words of  love on a buoy.  It can be captured on film as well depending on the package your choose (they start at $129 in addition to park admission and a dolphin swim package).

What to say?

You’re limited with space on the buoy so think of something personal to the two of you – a term of phrase you often use, a key line in a song, a term of endearment. You could also take this opportunity to deliver a marriage proposal. And if you’re stuck,  the usual Valentine’s Day message are short and timely and will be unique enough thanks to your marine messenger – just try “I Love you” or “Be mine”!

The Ultimate Package

If you want to go all out, the “Elite Package” for $449 makes it a personal and private experience as the dolphin encounter happens at your cabana, along with champagne, truffles and a dozen roses. Don’t wait till the last minute to register!

Tell us…

What’s the most unique Valentine’s experience you’ve ever had or planned?