Getting close with alligators


Up Close with Gators ©Gatorland

Up Close with Gators ©Gatorland

Get up close with an alligator on your Florida vacation

Walk through a wide alligator mouth entrance and you step into a 110 acre wildlife preserve that’s full of alligators and crocodiles! There are a variety of experiences from reptilian shows and an aviary to a swamp walk and a boardwalk through a breeding marsh. Following are our favorites:

Trainer for a Day

From holding a baby alligator to getting closer to the larger reptiles, this gives you an idea of what trainers go through! At the end of this experience you can meet some of the reptilian actors in the Upclose Encounters Show and then work with an actural trainer from Gatorland in the Gator Wrestling Arena. You’re safe working alongside a trainer with these creatures but it’s sure to set your heart racing!

Night Shine

With a flashlight in hand, walk along the Alligator Breeding Marsh boardwalk at night where every sound – a splash in the water, overhead wing flight – will have you on the tip of your toes. When you turn on your flashlight and shine it towards the water, you’ll see hundreds of glowing, red eyes creeping closer to you. That’s what the hot dogs are for!

Adventure Hour

Get access to a swamp area closed to the public. If you walked on the boardwalk trail you can now step right into the Breeding Marsh! In this tour you can feed the alligators, get a photo taken and know what happens behind-the-scenes at the park.

More Info:

14501 South Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32837
Phone: 407.855.5496
Toll Free: 800.393.JAWS

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