Frugal Florida: 5 Money saving tips for students on Spring Break in Miami


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Frugal Florida: Money-saving tips for students on a Spring Break Florida Vacation in


Miami’s glitz and celebrity sightings don’t bode well for a tight budget, so if you’re cramming your last projects or exam studies, don’t forget  to leave some room to plan your Spring break getaway! There are lots of things to do in Mimai on a budget but with rising costs of airfare and gas prices, you need to see where you can pinch your pennies! Check out these budget-friendly ideas so your Miami trip won’t cost an arm and a leg – you’ll be ready to party, just don’t do anything you’ll regret in the morning!

Drink at Miami’s oldest bar

On Friday, head to Tobacco Road if cheap drinks are all that you are looking for. The 99-cent drink special every Friday is what Miami’s oldest bar, is best known for . When buying beer elsewhere, choose the local brew – it not only saves money but gives you a sense of regional flavors.

Cheap Sleep

The closer you are to the beach, the more expensive the hotel will be. Rather than stuffing your hotel room full of friends, a hostel or couch surfing may be more comfortable and definitely cheaper. Besides, some hotels have strict rules about rooms being over-capacity and if you get a noise complaint, those sleeping on the floor could be looking for an alternate option anyway!


If you’re exploring downtown, ditch the car  and save on parking! The Metromover is an above-ground rail system that take you to major stops in downtown Miami. It’s service is quite frequent - during off-peak hours it’s every 3 minutes, and best of all, it’s free!

Stretch a coffee

People-watching is a favorite past-time on South Beach, and the landmark News Café stays open round the clock. If you’ve got a wicked hangover,  trade in an expensive coffee and grab an outside table to linger watch well groomed pups and fashionistas parade the street. Close to Lummus Park Beach, you can jump into the waves if your eyes overheat.

South Beach

What more is there than sun, sand and a beach? One of the hottest beaches, strap on your rollerblades and join the South Beach crowd for ten blocks of lazy palms and bronze tans. Stroll among multi-colored art deco lifeguard stands, bop with boom-box toting teens or applaud beach volleyball from the sidelines. It’s free!

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