Everglades Admission Free today for Vintage Day!

Vintage Everglades Day © National Park Service

Vintage Everglades Day © National Park Service


Step back in time on your Florida vacation

Step into nostalgia today at Everglades National Park from 10 am to 3 pm. The popular Vintage Day Celebration has returned as an annual event in its second year.


Cool off with an old-fashioned ice cream social or have a chat with historical re-enactors portraying important people that helped shape the park, such as Jame E Ingraham or Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center

Life-size oil portraits of people who had an impact on the development and protection of the Everglades such as Miccosukee Chairman Buffalo Tiger, Photographer Clyde Butcher and Gladesman Franklin Adams are on display at the visitor centre. This is the opening day of this multi-media exhibit by Nicholas Petrucci. If you want to see some wildlife, the short Anhinga Trail, near the Ernest Coe Visitor Center, is a great starting point where visitors can see red-bellied turtles basking in the sun, alligators submerged in the water or anhingas plunging for food

Royal Palm Visitor Center

You’ll met a variety of historical re-enactors here, from gladesmen, gator hunters and plume hunters to Seminole people, botanists and early park wardens. You can also collect  limited edition trading cards of vintage characters. Don’t miss the old Royal Palm State Park guided tours and meet the female activists that played a key role in Everglades National Park history.

Exploring the Park

If you want to explore the park further, with approximately 1.5 million acres, it’s difficult to decide where to start! Travel to one of the other park visitor centers and let them be your guide to this unique Florida ecosystem: Flamingo, Shark Valley, Gulf Coast and Chekika. Each offer unique gateways and activities for the park, from hiking and bike trails to boat or tram tours and bicycle or canoe rentals.

Free admission

Admission fees are waived at the Homestead entrance only.

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