Cool Instagram options for your Spring Break photos

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What you can do with Instagram photos from your Spring Break Florida vacation

More than 500 million photos have been uploaded by 25 million users to photo-sharing service Instagram. Are you one of them? If so, don’t just swipe through photos on your screen – tons of companies are offering cool options for your photos and to make your travel memories larger than the screen! Since Instagram one of the world’s largest mobile-based social networks, you’re bound to see more coming soon, and, good news is Instagram will be on Android phones very soon.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do with your Instagram photos:

About Instagram

Launched in October 2010, this mobile app is for photo lovers, both amateur and professional. With interesting filters and social options, it’s built millions of fans across the world.

Turn it into a painting

You don’t have to take one paintbrush stroke to have your very own unique artwork on canvas. With CanvasPop your photos can be enlarged up to 20″ and on stretched canvas and be actual wall-art!

Cost: $59.95 for 20″ canvas.

Create a custom iPhone Case

Choose your favorite pictures, decide on your layout format, a black, white or transparent shell, and you’re ready to order a unique iPhone case from Casetagram.

Cost: $34.95

Design a Poster 

You can drop more than 50 photos onto an Instagram poster, and hang it on your wall. They also have stickers, minibooks and tinybooks.

Cost: $10 — $25/depending on the product you choose

Mail a Personal Postcard

Snap a photo  with the Postagram app and send an old-fashioned postcard to your friends and loved ones. Simply include the mailing address and Postagram prints the card with your photography and pops it in the mail for you. Available on Android, iPhone/iPad.

Cost: To send postcard: .99 cents.

Be your own Book Publisher!

Drag and drop all your photos, from beach to best restaurants into Keepsy and have your very own coffee table book of your Spring Break trip. It also offers the free online service to share your albums and slideshows.

Cost: $29.95 for 30 pages (you can add more!)

Tell us…

What have you done with your Instagram photos?