Celebrity: Barack Obama comes to Jacksonville, Ft. Myers and Orlando this week

Barack Obama (credit: PRNews Foto)

Barack Obama (credit: PRNews Foto)

Latest news for your Florida vacation: see Barack Obama on the campaign trail

As Obama seeks re-election, he and his wife, Michelle, are visiting Florida quite often. Florida is considered to be the country’s key swing state for this election so there are a number of visits scheduled within a two day visit. Obama visits Florida this Thursday and Friday but so far, there aren’t many details, but we’ll give you what we have below, just in case you’ll be in the area.


The President arrives in Jacksonville on Thursday morning, before heading south later in the day.

Palm Beach

This is the next Florida stop on Thursday. Obama will attend a rally and then spend the night in Manalapan.

Ft. Myers

On Friday morning, Obama will step aboard Air Force One to visit Fort Myers before heading up to central Florida.


From here, Obama visits Orlando. Apparently he’ll be traveling on the I-4, so expect traffic delays.

Recent Visits

Obama has visited Florida numerous times this year, his first being Disney World in January to make a tourism announcement. From  that point on, stops have been frequent. In April, Obama spoke at the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and attended a Palm Beach fundraiser. Obama spoke at a Latino conference in Disney World’s Contemporary Resort on June 22nd, and then made stops in Tampa and Miami Beach.

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