Buy a Drink for your Twitter Buddies at Spring Break with Tweet-A-Beer



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Buy a Drink for your Twitter Buddies on a Spring Break Florida Vacation with Tweet-A-Beer

Spring break and alcohol kind of go hand in hand and now you can send a beer to a friend that’s stuck at home or not on the same beach partying with you. Through Tweet-a-Beer, you can send $5 to a friend, earmarked for beer – you can also add your current location or suggest a meetup to get sloshed together. Already more than 500 beers have been tweeted and sent to twitter pals.

The money is for beer but it can be used for anything the recipient chooses, so if your friend’s the designated driver, or, three sheets to the wind already, they can use the money for a coffee to sober up!

How your friend gets a beer

All they do is tap on the Tweet-a-Beerlink in your tweet to deposit money into their PayPal account.  Your friend’s PayPal account gets charged 10¢ for Chirpify’s fee but they still have $4.90 to buy a draft!

How it works

You can only send $5 at a time in beer money, but that goes along way during Spring Break! Tweet-A-Beer works with Chirpify so you need to sync your Twitter account to your Paypal account before you can send beer money. After you’ve set up your account, you simply select the @recipient (on Twitter), then send them the money and the reason (beer!), suggest where you’d like to meet (the beach, a bar, etc.). Once you send that your friend gets a tweet mention with the link.

If you start tweeting and sharing too many beers

Follow our safety tips:

  • Don’t walk anywhere alone
  • Don’t climb on balconies
  • Don’t go swimming

The Best Spring Break Places to share a beer:

If you missed the World’s largest bikini parade, there’s still lots of crazy stuff going on in Florida – the hottest places for Spring Break are Panama City Beach and Miami. If you’re at a loss for a destination try these:

  • Panama City Beach: Hammerhead Fred’s – foam filled party inside a massive tent
  • Miami Beach: uh, South Beach!

Tell us…

What’s the most unique way someone ever bought you a beer?