About Florida: Safety tips for lightning

Lightning Protection (credit: Protection Technology Group )

Lightning Protection (credit: Protection Technology Group )

How to stay safe when lightning strikes on your Florida vacation

Summertime means rain and lightning storms, especially in Florida as it has the most lightning strikes in the country – more than a million on average. Along with this come deaths related to lightning – follow our tips below to keep yourself safe.

General Safety Tips

Here are a few tips along with suggestions from the National Weather Service (NWS), that you can use to avoid being struck by lightning while on your Florida vacation. Listen to the forecast and watch for signs of an oncoming storm – towering clouds, distant thunder rumbles or flashes of lightning. In these circumstances, it’s best to avoid the threat of lightning altogether and postpone plans if thunderstorms are forecasted. NWS recommends waiting for half an hour from the last thunder clap before you head outdoors again.

  • stay away from any metal objects or bodies of water
  • get indoors if you can
  • if you’re inside, keep a distance from windows, bathtubs and electrical appliances

Find A Safe Building

A building should be fully enclosed with a roof, walls and floor, such as a hotel, shopping mall or church. A picnic shelter, beach pavilion, small shed or baseball dugout are not safe – an enclosed vehicle would be better.

Get inside a vehicle

A vehicle should have a closed, metal-top – golf carts, convertibles or motorcycles are not safe.  Use the following tips:

  • don’t use electronic devices while waiting out the thunderstorm, not even the radio.
  • slow down and pull over if you can
  • don’t leave the vehicle
  • a vehicle can become unsafe during a tornado or high winds.

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