5 Ways to Make a Difference on Earth Day

Banyan Tree &#169 Holiday Tripper

Banyan Tree © Holiday Tripper

Make a Difference on Earth Day while on a Florida Vacation

Too busy sun tanning to get out for an Earth Day activity? You can still make a difference, right from your mobile device, so grab your iPhone, iPad or other mobile tablet or smartphone, and check out your options below:

Simply download an app

Catalog Spree is working with the Arbor Day Foundation, where one tree will be planted every time a Catalog Spree app is downloaded till the end of April. Download the app, tell your friends and you’re part of the “Earth Day” movement.

Buy Eco-Conscious Clothing

Skunkfunk offers a wide selection of eco-friendly clothes that you can wear without feeling guilty, and you even get 15% off during their Earth Day special.

Travel alternative with Google Maps

Google Maps now has a biking directions feature so you can hop on your bike rather than stepping into your car next time. It also features Google Transit which shows you public transit routes, and even electric vehicle charging stations.

Making a pledge and Join a Billion Acts of Green

Plant a tree, turn off running water, shop with reusable bags..they’re all simple and easy “Acts of Green” that you can pledge at A Billion Acts of Green®. Making a pledge takes no time at all – head to the website, click on a pledge, fill in some info about yourself, and you’re part of the movement. To date, more than 997,889,840 pledges have been made.

Gather your eWaste

You can drop off any of your unused technology free of charge at any Staples in the U.S. for their recycling program. Simply go to the service desk and hand in any of the following:

  • computers from desktops to laptops, netbooks
  • external hard drives
  • any monitors
  • printers, copiers, and fax machines
  • keyboards, modems, mice
  • shredders
  • cell phones, GPS devices
  • MP3 players
  • digital camcorders and cameras

Tell us…

What are you doing on Earth Day to make a difference?