Frugal Florida: 5 Money saving tips for students on Spring Break

Spring Break Copyright Panama City Beach CVB

Spring Break Copyright Panama City Beach CVB

Frugal Florida: Money-saving tips for students on a Spring Break Florida Vacation

Spring break is around the corner, and if you’re traveling on a budget, it’s time to start planning! There are lots of things to do on a budget but with  rising costs of airfare and gas prices, you need to see where you can pinch your pennies! Check out these budget-friendly ideas so your trip won’t cost an arm and a leg – you’ll be ready to party, just don’t do anything you’ll regret in the morning!

Drink local

Alcohol is part of a good party, but a long night can end with a big tab. When buying beer, choose the local brew – it not only saves money but gives you a sense of regional flavors.

Camp, Hostel or couch surf

Rather than stuffing your hotel room full of friends, camping, a hostel or couch surfing may be more comfortable and definitely cheaper. Besides, some hotels have strict rules about rooms being over-capacity and if you get a noise complaint, those sleeping on the floor could be looking for an alternate option anyway! Get a multi-person tent so it’s more spacious or see if you can find space in a hostel.

Carpool or take a road trip

Make the drive part of your vacation rather than flying to Florida and save some bucks! See how many friends you can pile into a car, and figure out how much it will be to split the gas bill. A road trip with friends is cost-effective and fun – check out sights along the way, discover favorite foods, share your playlists and blast the tunes while you roll down your windows and let the warm air in!

Bring Your Own Food

Make your first stop the grocery store! Food is an expense that can sky rocket so cut back on spending and pack snacks, then find a local store where you can pick up dry goods and staples. If you’re staying in a hotel, a room with a fridge is a bonus. And if it serves a continental breakfast, that will save you cash daily.

Flash your Student ID

Places may offer student discounts, from museums to attractions, but you’ll need to show your school ID as proof. If a student rate isn’t posted, it can’t hurt to ask before you pay.

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