What To Do In Florida: Much to see at the Miami Seaquarium [VIDEO]



Marine Show (credit: Miami Seaquarium)

Marine Show (credit: Miami Seaquarium)

Florida Vacation Guide: Put Miami Seaquarium on your to do in Florida list

Wondering what to see in Florida besides beaches? See dolphins fly, catch a glimpse of moray eels lurking in coral reef caverns, watch schools of exotic fish dance underwater seascape. There’s much to see at the Miami Seaquarium – an attraction in Florida perfect for the entire family!


Visit Lolita the killer whale and her friends, the pacific white sided dolphins, at the Whale & Dolphin Stadium. There, Lolita walks on water! Watch The Flipper Dolphin Show at the Flipper Lagoon, where a lot of the 1960s TV show with the same name was filmed. You can’t help but smile as you see the dolphins flip, jump, spin and walk on their tails. There’s more dolphin fun at the Top Deck Dolphin Show where you’ll be mesmerized by the athletic ability of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

When you’ve had enough of the dolphins, head to the Golden Dome to watch the Sea Lion Show – it’s almost guaranteed to make you laugh!


Explore an endangered mangrove habitat at Discovery Bay which is also home to more than two dozen Nile Crocodiles, native birds, white tailed deer and alligators. Sea turtles are rehabilitated here and visitors learn how to help protect these endangered marine creatures during their visit. Manatees are also rehabilitated at the Miami Seaquarium.

Fans of tropical fish will want to make a stop at The Main Reef Aquarium, a 750,000 gallon main tank chock full of reef fish in every color, size and description.

It’s not only sea life you can discover at the Seaquarium. The Tropical Rings Exhibit gives visitors an up-close look at macaws, flamingos, parrots and other exotic birds native to tropical climates.

Dolphin Harbor

Visit the dolphin interaction facility, home to a dozen dolphins. Take in one of three different interaction programs. Dolphin Odyssey is a 90 minute feeding/touching and educational experience which includes an opportunity for a deep water dolphin interaction while Dolphin Encounter puts you in the pool for a shallow water experience with the dolphins.

Or step into the shoes of the people who teach the marine mammals all those cool tricks! The Trainer for the Day program lets you get right side by side with the trainers and learn how they train the stars of the shows at the Miami Seaqauarium.

Food & Shopping

There are food outlets and souvenir shops throughout the park. Choose from sandwiches, pizza, salads, burgers and nachos. Shop for plush animals, games, toys, t-shirts, art and lots more.


  • The Miami Seaquarium is open 360 days a year from 9:30 am to 6pm.
  • Adult Annual pass rates are $54.95(plus tax). 
Child(3 to 9) Annual pass rates are $44.95 (plus tax).
  • Miami Seaquarium is located at 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, Florida 33149

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