What To Do In Florida: Examine butterflies in Fort Myers

An encounter at The Butterfly Estates (credit: HolidayTripper.com)

An encounter at The Butterfly Estates (credit: HolidayTripper.com)

Florida Vacation Guide to The Butterfly Estates in Fort Myers

In the urban setting of Downtown Fort Myers, the last thing you would expect to find would be an eco-friendly nature attraction. However, The Butterfly Estates has created a lush botanical garden and butterfly conservatory in a park-like atmosphere. It really is quite remarkable.

We recommend you plan your visit for early in the day. This attraction is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but it opens at 9am Tuesday through Saturday. The closer to 9 that you can time your visit, the better, because it can get VERY hot inside the glass conservatory at mid-day.

The Botanical Gardens

The smell of sweet flowers hits you when you walk into the indoor botanical garden. The colorful blooms of a multitude of tropical flowers are everywhere and there are butterflies flying all around you. Discover all sorts of shrubs, plants and trees. Learn which ones will help you attract more butterflies to your own garden when you get back home! Have a seat and just take it all in. It’s not everyday you get this close to the wings of a butterfly.

Water feature (credit: HolidayTripper.com)

Water feature (credit: HolidayTripper.com)

The Butterflies

Depending on what varieties have recently been released, you never know how many, or what sort of winged wonders you’ll find in The Butterfly Conservatory but there will be numerous species there for you to see. Ask for a guided tour and learn all about the butterflies you see, including information on their life cycles and migration patterns.


Grab a bit of lunch at Flutterby’s Cafe. Try a panini, a slice of pizza, a salad or another delicious homemade offering. For something sweet, stop by Caterpillars Ice Cream & Fudge Factory.


From soy-based candles to butterfly art and everything in between, pick up a beautiful memento of your visit to The Butterfly Estates at Mother Nature’s Gift Shop.

Plan Your Visit

  • Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-3pm
  • Admission: $15/adults, $9/age 3-16, Free/under 3
  • Location: 1815 Fowler Street, Fort Myers, Florida 33901

For information, call (239) 690-2359 or visit thebutterflyestates.com‎

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