Weather Watch: Tropical Storm Betty heads to Florida’s Panhandle and brings tornadoes to the Southwest

Tropical Storm Betty (credit: NOAA)

Tropical Storm Betty (credit: NOAA)


Florida Vacation Guide: Tropical Storm Betty heads to the Panhandle this weekend

If it isn’t enough that Florida has been doused with rain this weekend, Tropical Storm Betty is now heading for the Panhandle. A tropical storm warning was issued Sunday for Alabama to the Florida Panhandle as Debby lashed parts of the Gulf Coast with wind and rain. The predictions are that the storm will hit landfall in Texas, but as we know, storms can change direction.

Tropical Storm Warning

Miami’s National Hurricane Center issued a tropical storm warning from the Mississippi/Alabama border eastward to Florida’s Ochlockonee River. The center of the storm will move over the northern region of the Gulf in the next few days so listen to local national weather forecasts to see if your area will be affected.


A tornado has already touched down in Southwest Florida and there is the potential for more isolated tornadoes on the southwest and west-central peninsulas today so please take precautions.

Strong Winds

Debby sustained winds near 60 mph with some higher guest and the next 48 hours will tell whether the winds will strengthen. Reconnaissance planes are being sent out so check with the Hurricane center for updates.


Rain is expected to plummet the coast from 3 to 6 inches and there may be areas that receive 10 inches of rain. Even western Florida can experience considerable rainfall during this time.

Storm Surge

Remember that surge-related flooding depends on the tidal cycle but can vary grea in a short distance so don’t think that you’re safe. The surf can be extremely dangerous on the coast, including rip currents. Take warnings posted on the beach seriously.

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