Travel Tips: How to improve your beach photos

Pelicans on the Beach (credit:

Pelicans on the Beach (credit:

Florida Vacation Guide to snapping a great beach photograph

Summertime has started – if you want to capture great memories, consider our photography tips next time you’re at the beach. With the brightness of the sun reflecting off the sand and water, it can be tricky to get a good shot.

Know your settings

Go through your menu to see if your camera has a setting for bright objects that reflect a lot of light. Some automatic cameras even have beach settings.

Fill Flash

If shooting into the sun, and you have people in the foreground, they’ll appear as a dark silhouette. If it’s not the look you want, consider using flash to fill in a foreground so that faces or details aren’t underexposed. If it’s not a sunset or sunrise, then shoot away from the sun (with the sun behind you or to the side of the subject), if you don’t want your subject to appear as a silhouette.


When you have a large expanse of blue sky and water and white sand, adding some color into the foreground provides a sense of scale and size to the scenery.


If your camera has a zoom lens, experiment with the various ranges. Try a wide angle setting with an object closeby. If an object is farther away, use the zoom setting to compress the image so that the viewer’s eye will hold attention.

Look for the moment

Don’t pose a picture in a static way. Have your subject do something, and capture a natural moment.


Get in close and put things in the foreground, such as an umbrella or beach ball, so you don’t have a wide expansive beach. Let the beach become a setting for the activity.

Get in the water

If your camera is waterproof, get some shots with an activity in the water, to capture a moment. If people are part of the focus.

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