Travel Tip: Keep your home safe while you’re on vacation

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Florida Vacation Guide: Keep your home safe when you’re traveling

The last thing you want when you arrive home from a relaxing vacation in Florida, is making a discovery that your house has been broken into.

Protect your home from opportunistic thieves. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re heading out on vacation.

Don’t make vacation announcements on Facebook

As tough as it may be to keep it all in, try not to share all of the details of your vacation on Facebook. When you do, you’re essentially telling someone exactly when to break in to your house. This is doubly dangerous when you’ve posted photos of the inside and outside of your home, giving thieves a detailed map of where to aim for! We suggest that you wait until you get home from your holiday to share your photos and tell stories about your travels with your Facebook friends. Remember, you never really know who might be reading your updates.

Make it look like you’re home

Have your mail picked up, leave the porch light off and the indoor lights on. (Nothing says, “we’re gone on vacation” like a porch light left conspicuously lit up at 2:00 in the afternoon.) If you’re traveling in the summer have someone cut your grass and if it’s the winter, have your driveway cleared out if you’re in a snowy climate. Just to be safe, secure your windows and ask one of your neighbors to keep an eye out for strange activity.

Call insurance

Call your insurance company and ask them if there’s a protocol you should follow, should your home be broken into while you’re gone. For example, some insurance companies won’t cover losses due to a break in unless you’ve had your home checked a certain number of times while you were away on vacation.

Tell us…

Do you have any more home safety tips for our readers to consider before they leave for vacation?