Travel Tip: Preparation tips if you’re travelling during Hurricane season



Cumulative Wind History Graph (credit: National Hurricane Center)

Cumulative Wind History Graph (credit: National Hurricane Center)

Florida Vacation Guide to Hurricane Preparedness

If you’re traveling during hurricane season, it’s good to be prepared. Take the upfront precautionary measures, and then forget about it and enjoy your trip. If a storm were to strike, you won’t be caught completely off guard and can salvage part of your vacation. This is the first in our series of tips for hurricane safety.

Cancellation Policies

Before you book, ask if there are full refunds or no penalties on a cancelled trip or accommodation booking in the event of a hurricane.

Travel Insurance

When purchasing travel insurance, ensure that natural disasters are covered in the policy. Also ask if the insurance company offers emergency assistance while you’re traveling. Many credit card companies offer travel insurance coverage if bookings are made through them so check how extensive their policies are.

Listen to Local News

Listen to local news to know if a tropical storm is brewing during your trip. Not all hurricanes hit where forecasted so listen to updates, check the National Hurricane Centre website and check with the front desk. Typically, hotels have evacuation plans and some travel insurance companies offer emergency assistance as well.

Power & Fuel Up

Keep the gas tank full and make sure all of your communication devices, from smartphones to tablets, are charged up. As a backup plan, you may want to stock up on a calling card.

Plan B

Before you leave, designate a family member or friend as the emergency contact. They should have your travel itinerary and a list of people to contact.

Pack Essentials

A first aid kit is a great idea to have. Yes, you can pick up anything at a store if a storm alert goes out, but shelves get emptied fast so it’s good to have some basics with you. Remember to travel light – the more you pack, the more gear you have to lug to wherever you’re going.

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