Travel Tip: Five things you might not think of packing

Serenity on the beach &#169 Amelia Island CVB

Serenity on the beach @ Amelia Island CVB

Florida Vacation Guide: 5 items you might not think of packing

As you prepare for your Florida vacation, you’ve probably already made your list of what you’ll bring with you. No doubt you’ve thought to add things like: extra swimsuit, sunblock, flip-flops and a sun hat to your list. But, there are some items you may want to have with you that you’ve not even thought of yet! Let us help you with that!

5 things you might forget to pack for your Florida vacation


Yes a sarong makes a sweet beach cover up or impromptu dress where need be, but there’s a very practical use for a sarong that will make your beach-focused vacation much more enjoyable. A sarong makes the perfect portable beach towel! That’s right. Bring one for the whole family (even Dad) rather than dragging around thick smelly beach towels with you. A sarong takes up hardly any space (you can even wear it to the beach) and it will be absorbent enough to dry you off after a dip in the water, but it can be easily washed in the sink of your hotel bathroom and hung out to dry on your balcony. Drying out a sarong should take…oh…five minutes.

Bug Spray

They have mosquitos in Florida and if you have a bug repellent that you swear by, you should bring some of that with you. Yes, they also have drugstores in the Sunshine State, but if you have something that works, why risk not being able to find it at your final destination? Who wants to let some annoying little winged creatures ruin your vacation? Not me!

An extra bag

Yes, grasshopper. If you plan to hit up the outlet malls or even the cute little beach shops you’ll find along your travels, you might prefer to have an extra piece of luggage with you so you don’t end up having a terrible dilemma as you pack up to leave! You don’t really want to have to courier your new purchases back home do you? Didn’t think so!

Phone charger

If you’re bringing your phone with you, it won’t do much good without the charger. Don’t forget to bring it along!

Light raincoat or poncho

It can rain on your parade vacation so it can’t hurt to bring along a light raincoat or a poncho that you can easily stuff in your beach bag or purse, in case you get caught in a (brief) downpour. The rain doesn’t usually last for very long, but it’s an item you might be glad you have with you.

Tell us…

Did we forget anything? What do you recommend packing for a Florida vacation?