The Bikinis that broke the Guinness World Record!

Bikini parade &#169 Panama City Beach

Bikini parade © Panama City Beach

Florida Vacation Guide to Guinness World Record for Spring Break Bikini Parade

We promised you’d see them and here they are – the bikinis that broke the Guinness Book of World Records today at Harpoon Harry’s restaurant. Exactly 450 bikini-clad Floridian tourists and residents took part in the mass Bikini Parade set a world record at Panama City Beach, beating out the rival Australians on the Gold Coast who were the record holders in 2011 with 357 bikinis. The previous record holder was the Cayman Islands with 331 participants.

The Parade

Registration for the parade began at 9 a.m. this morning at Harpoon Harry’s, relying on shuttle buses to pick up people from various hotels. While Guinness officials counted the number of participants, the bikinis were paraded for approximately one mile from Harpoon Harry’s down to the M.B. Miller County Pier.


Bikini parade &#169 Panama City Beach CVB

Bikini parade © Panama City Beach CVB

The Bikinis

The rules were very strict and it drew in spectators. One-piece suits and shorts (including short shorts) were off-limits. Not even a tankini or a cover-up was allowed. But when it came to bikinis, all colors, shapes, designs and patterns were entered into the lineup: from neon pink to zebra stripes and polka dots to stripes and floral – have a look!

Bikini parade &#169  Panama City Beach

Bikini parade © Panama City Beach

Those that benefitted

Besides the onlookers who have a great appreciation for, ahem, bikinis, the organizers donated $1,000 to Beach Care Services. This organization lends a helping hand to people in need who live on Panama City Beach via short-term emergency assistance.

Tell us…

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