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Florida Vacation Guide: Infographic to the Best Beaches in Florida

If there’s one word that’s synonymous with Florida, it’s beaches. Long stretches of soft-white sand that you can sink your toes into, buckets of sand to build castles and sea creatures with, and wide open horizons to watch the setting sun sink into the water. And then there’s the water, gentle waves delivering shells and shark teeth to shore, larger waves to surf on and miles and miles of reefs to snorkel through. There are dozens of favorite Florida beaches for a variety of reasons, from uncrowded oceanfront or clothing-optional to best shell-hounding or beach babes. We’ll be featuring a number of beach lists within the year, and thought we’d compile the list so far into an Infographic. From beaches that may appeal for their seclusion and natural surroundings or ecological wonders and other quirky measures, check out our best of below.

The Infographic

We couldn’t possible fit all the best beaches onto on Infographic but this is our first in a series for the best beaches in Florida:


Beaching It!

The best thing about going to the beach is, it’s free! Grab a towel, some sunscreen and fill a water bottle – it’s about all you need. Depending on which beach you’re heading to, you might need some money to catch a ferry or boat, but that’s about it. If you want to make a day of it, pack a picnic, some binoculars or a fishing rod – the sand and water are waiting for your imagination.

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