Step in the driver’s seat at Disney [Video]

Exotic Driving Experience ©The Walt Disney Company

Exotic Driving Experience ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: Exotic Driving Experience Video

Want to take a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche for a spin? Disney’s new track is designed for the “Exotic Driving Experience.”

Part of the Richard Petty Driving Experience, the road course built at Walt Disney World Speedway lets you get into the seat of a supercar if you have a driver’s license. starting at $199 for six laps around the circuit. Thrill Rides with a professional driver behind the wheel are available for $99. Reservations can be made at or by calling 855-822-0149.

On your vacation to Disney, drive one of these “built-for-speed” automobiles around a custom-built one-mile circuit and see how they handle. Most people only DREAM of an experience such as this!

The Video

Listen to Rick Fedrizzi and Christian Fittipaldi talk about the track and the driving experience that you can get when you slip behind the wheel.

See what they’re made of

See what it’s like to brake fast or to turn on a dime in a Ferrari. Or see how fast a Lamborghini really can accellorate! Your ride gets you at least 6 laps around the course with a professional driving instructor giving you the ins and outs as you go. (You can buy additional laps if you like.)

If you prefer not to be the one behind the wheel, at this Disney attraction you can buckle up beside a pro and let someone else do the driving!

Tell us…

How many G-force do you want to feel when you step behind the wheel?