So much sea life to see

Florida vacation sea life

Florida vacation sea life

Florida travel guide to sea life

What Florida vacation would be complete without at least a couple of special wildlife sightings?

Gorgeous bottle nose dolphins, scary hammerhead sharks and those famous Gulf shrimp are included among the more than 500 species of marine animals in Florida’s waters that are protected under state and federal laws.

Are you a fan of the movie Dolphin Tale, starring Ashley Judd, Morgan freeman and Harry Connick Jr? This fantastic family movie is about a baby dolphin named Winter who was dying. Scientists stepped in and fashioned the loveable mammal a prosthetic tail. Winter is now six years old and lives at the Clearwater Aquarium which you may choose to visit on your Florida vacation.

Florida travel guide to seeing sea life

Visit the Miami Seaquarium in Key Biscayne to see the latest dolphin to take the name made famous by a certain TV show from the 1960s, Flipper!

florida sea turtle, florida vacation

Sea a sea turtle on your Florida vacation!

Florida vacation lets you swim with the fishes

Swim with dolphins, rays and other types of gorgeous, exotic fish at Discovery Cove in Orlando!

The Florida Aquarium Swim with the Fishes program in Tampa allows visitors to dive right in and swim among manmade reef, moray eels, sea turtles and porcupine fish.

Of course, there’s always Disney World!

Visit Dive Quest if you’re fully SCUBA certified and over the age of 10, and dive into this 5.7-million-gallon saltwater tank, one of the largest you’ll find anywhere in the world. Here you’ll be immersed in a magical undersea world for 40 minutes. You’ll swim with sharks, sea turtles and more than 6,000 other creatures of the sea. Part of this package offers a special backstage peek at the infrastructure that sustains this ocean experience. (Wave back to the people looking at the aquarium through the glass because with Dive Quest you become part of a Disney World attraction!)

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