Sneak Peek at SeaWorld’s upcoming TurtleTrek

SeaWorld Turtle Trek

SeaWorld TurtleTrek


Florida Vacation Guide Introduces Turtle Trek

Sea Turtles have an amazing life journey, one that has kept their species on this planet for more than 200 million years. They hatch on a sandy shore and then amble into crashing waves to start life. They return to this same shoreline to lay their own eggs, a moment that is often captured on evening nature walks. Their underwater life, however, isn’t as accessible to us. SeaWorld’s upcoming attraction this spring 2012 to highlight this aspect of sea turtle’s life, and at the same time, draw attention to the vulnerability in the wild.  The domed theatre – 3-D virtual environment – sets the stage for the TurtleTrek experience.

Video Introduction

This is SeaWorld’s first introduction to the upcoming Turtle Trek exhibit:

Sneak Peak at the Attraction

When the attraction opens this Spring 2012, you’ll step inside and see two naturalistic habitats. The first is freshwater habitat with manatees and a variety of fish species. The other is saltwater habitat with sea turtles and  1,500 fish. Some of the sea turtles and manatees were either born at SeaWorld or part of their rescue program – to date, approximately 240 manatees and 1,000 sea turtles have been rehabbed and returned to their natural homes.

The Theater

Next you’ll enter a domed theater that is completely immersive. Rather than the traditional 3D film experience, the film you’re watching will be happening above you and around you. This is a unique movie experience for a theme park and one that the Florida Vacation Guide is looking forward to!

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