Smell what The Rock has cooking for John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVIII

Pro wrestlers Dwayne The Rock Johnson and John Cena &#169 Mike Coppola

Pro wrestlers Dwayne The Rock Johnson and John Cena @ Mike Coppola

Florida Vacation Guide to Wrestlemania XXVIII

On Sunday evening, the world’s most serious wrestling fans will be tuned into the Sun Life Stadium in Miami for Wrestlemania XXVIII in an event being headlined by a match between John Cena and South Florida’s own Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, you can’t help but be entertained by The Rock. He has a stage presence that few other professional wrestlers are able to match, and his microphone skills are also unparalleled. Dwayne Johnson started his career as a professional athlete as a member of the Miami Hurricanes before becoming a WWE superstar.

A Once in a Lifetime Match

Anticipation for the event has been building since it was booked, the day after Wrestlemania XXVII which took place in Atlanta Georgia. Fans have been teased since then of this Once in a Lifetime match.

John Cena has publicly accused The Rock of walking away from the WWE to go to Hollywood while The Rock questions Cena’s manhood by calling him names like “Fruity Pebbles.”

About Wrestlemania

The signature event of the WWE, Wrestlemania is a hugely popular event that takes place each year. It’s so big, in fact, that in almost the same way that cities pitch the NFL to host the Super Bowl, cities pitch to the WWE for a chance to host the event.

Wrestlemania is a pay-per-view event and the standard definition feed on Sunday is priced at $54.95. The Cena vs. The Rock match is expected to take place at sometime after 10pm.

To watch the event live in Miami, you can click here for tickets.

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