Romantic Florida: Do dinner and a movie in luxury at the Silverspot Cinema in Naples

Silverspot Cinema dining area (credit: Holiday Tripper)

Silverspot Cinema dining area (credit: Holiday Tripper)

Florida Vacation Guide: Silverspot Cinema in Naples is the ideal destination for date night

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in or around Naples, Florida on date night, surprise your honey with an evening at the luxe Silverspot Cinema.

Located among the upscale boutiques and restaurants in Naples’ Mercato Shops stands the grand Silverspot Cinema. Whether you’re hoping to see the latest blockbuster film with the family, to see a live performance of the ballet, or a second run of an old classic, do it in style at this hip destination.

Reserved Seating

Until you enjoy a film at Silverspot, you may not realize that there’s generally a bit of stress involved with going to the movies. There’s always a line and you’re always worried about whether you’ll get a good seat. At Silverspot, you simply enter the theater with your meal or some concession treats, and your sweetie’s hand in your own, and you walk directly to the two empty seats which are waiting there for you. Silverspot offers reserved seating. So when you purchase your tickets, you choose where you’d like to sit and your seat number is indicated on your ticket; just like for air travel. No more rushing into the cinema to scramble to find a seat. Now that’s luxury.


When you enter the theater, you’re of course hit by smells of popcorn and other concession-type foods, but you have the option of sitting in the cinema’s sit-down restaurant before the film – and you can even bring your food in with you to eat while you watch the event(though there is no wait service in the actual cinema on account of how distracting that would be to other guests).

There are crab cake sliders, burgers and quesadillas. Fish, chicken, beef, pizza, sandwiches, salads and so on and so forth. Don’t worry! There will be a dish on the menu to impress your date!

You may even wish to splurge on a bottle of wine or some icy cold beers to enjoy while watching the film. Why not?

The Comfort

You watch the show from big oversized leather seats which are comfy enough to squish down into but not so comfy that you’ll sleep through the film. The aisles are nice and wide so when other movie-goers need to walk by, you don’t need to break your snuggling to get up and move out of their way.

It’s the little things.

Cinema Concierge

Silverspot Cinema IS luxury cinema. Just being inside its walls puts you someplace a little special – elevated from other cinemas you’ve been in. It feels like you’re in old Hollywood in modern times. Seriously. There is a cinema concierge.

The concept comes from Venezuela where Silverspot is a major deal. There are currently only three of them in the United States so if you’re in Naples do not miss a chance to see a film at the Silverspot.

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