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Everglades National Park @National Park Service

Everglades National Park @National Park Service

Florida Vacation Guide shares climate change predictions

Climate change is very interesting to many of us here at Holiday Tripper. We keep a pretty close eye on studies surrounding this natural phenomenon and we’d like to share some recent findings with you.

There will always be cold months in the future though they will gradually become more seldom.

That’s one of the key findings from a study being conducted by a couple of University of Helsinki scientists named Jouni Räisänen and Jussi S. Ylhäisi. The pair has also discovered that interannual variability strongly affects expected frequency of cold months.

How did they discover this?

They started by analyzing how some different greenhouse gas-emission scenerios might affect the climate of Earth between now and 2050. They used 24 climate models to determine what monthly global average temperatures will look like for continents outside of Antarctica over the next forty years.

Survey says…

Apparently half of the months will be colder than average while five of those 480 months will be bone-chilling, record-breakingly cold compared to the same months from years prior. And speaking of years prior, periods of cold in the future will be a lot less frequent than in the 20th century. Only 14% of the months from 2011 to 2050 will be colder than the old average.

The scientists confidently say that cold months will occur in a warmer world but just infrequently.

It’s important to remember that various parts of Earth will be affected differently. For example, in the northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere the climate will warm more than it will in the tropics but that part of the world will still experience cooler than average months.

And in the tropics, the rise in global temperature will be gradual but this part of the world will experience warmer than average temperatures in almost all of the months in the next forth years. It’s interesting to note that the teams findings are the same as other researchers are reporting.

Tell us…

Florida Vacation Guide wants to know…how concerned are you about climate change?