Get Outdoors: Go on a Picnic for the Planet

Picnic for the Planet &#169 The Nature Conservancy

Picnic for the Planet © The Nature Conservancy

Florida Vacation Guide to Picnic for the Planet

Earth Day is coming up and let’s face it…The Earth is a pretty darn amazing planet. The least we could do is take it out for lunch!

Second Annual Picnic for the Planet

For the second year in a row, The Nature Conservancy is hosting Picnic for the Planet to celebrate Earth Day, connecting people from all around the world through the food they love. You can honor the planet and the beautiful bounty of food she provides us by joining or hosting a picnic in this global event that could very well be the largest picnic ever.

The Nature Conservancy will be hosting picnics across the world but if there isn’t one happening near you to join, it’s easy to celebrate by simply hosting your own. All you have to do is pick a day, RSVP online, round up some friends and share a meal in the out of doors.

Help set a Guinness World Record®

If you’re part of a gathering of at least 25 picnickers on April 22 (Earth Day), you can be part of a Guinness World Record® attempt! That’s right! The Nature Conservancy intends to set the record for the largest ever multi-venue picnic happening within a 24-hour period.

Why a Picnic for the Planet?

Picnic for the Planet gives us an opportunity to go outside and to honor the planet that provides the food we eat.

According to lead scientists for The Nature Conservancy, Dr. M. Sanjayan:

“In a time where many people think their food comes from a grocery store or a drive-thru window, it is important to learn about where our food comes from. Thanks to the popularity of locavores, farmers’ markets and farm co-ops, people want to know the story of their food and if it’s good for them, the economy and the planet. Picnic for the Planet is an opportunity to get outside, eat locally and eat green.”

In 2011, thousands of people joined over 600 picnics in 61 countries every one of Earth’s continents.

The Video

The mandate of the Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. The Conservancy and its more than 1 million members are responsible for having protected almost 120 million acres worldwide.

Tell us…

Will you enjoy a picnic with your family and/or friends on April 22?