Florida broke the Spring Break Bikini Parade Guinness World Record!



Spring Break Bikini Parade &#169 Panama City Beach

Spring Break Bikini Parade © Panama City Beach

Florida Vacation Guide to Guinness World Record for Spring Break Bikini Parade

They did it! Exactly 450 bikini-clad Floridian tourists and residents broke the Guinness Book of World Records today at Harpoon Harry’s restaurant. The mass Bikini Parade set a world record at Panama City Beach, beating out the rival Australians on the Gold Coast who were the record holders in 2011 with 357 bikinis.

World’s Largest Bikini Parade Rules

The rules were very strict and it drew in spectators. One-piece suits and shorts (including short shorts) were off-limits. Not even a tankini or a cover-up was allowed. But when it came to bikinis, all colors, shapes, designs and patterns were entered into the lineup and we have photos to demonstrate that! We’ll post those in a bit but while we’re uploading we wanted to give you the news!

The Charity

The organizers are keeping their promise and donating $1,000 to Beach Care Services, an organization that gives short-term emergency assistance to people in need who live on Panama City Beach.

Now, where to Party?

So now that the Spring Break kick-off event is over, what are you going to do on Panama City Beach’s 27 miles of sandy shores? There are enough concerts, contests and beach bashes to keep you entertained. There are a number of party hotspots on Panama City Beach but don’t forget to check these out:

  • Boardwalk Beach Resort: pool parties and live DJs
  • Spinnaker: free concerts
  • Hammerhead Fred’s:  glow paint party (every Friday)
  • Sharky’s: drink specials & theme parties
  • Sandpiper Beacon & Tiki bar: beach volleyball tournaments

Tell us…

What are you most looking forward to doing and seeing on your Florida vacation for Spring Break?