Earth Day at Florida’s Capitol

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Florida Vacation Guide to Earth Day in Tallahassee

Throughout the world, Earth Day celebrations and festivals are inspiring people, young and old, to protect, cherish and preserve the natural environments, habitats and resources that are a part of our wonderful planet. Florida is no exception and we’re starting with the capitol first!

The Governor’s Earth Day Proclamation

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott signed a proclamation for April 22 as Earth Day 2012, highlighting some of the natural features and ecosystems in Florida:

Celebrations, cleanups and festivals will be held throughout Florida during the next few days and we’ll be featuring a variety for various regions in Florida, so check back with us!

Earth Day at the Capitol

On April 20th, from 9 am till 2 pm, head to Tallahassee’s Capitol Courtyard on Monroe Street for Earth Day celebrations. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) hosts a variety of  educational booths and interactive activities for the whole family. Bring any old plastic bags and unused cell phones as they will be collected by Easy As One staff. There will also be a series of speakers including Greg Munson, the DEP Deputy Secretary of Water Policy and Ecosystem Restoration and Dr. Harris, the DOH Interim Surgeon General Dr. Harris.

Florida Earth Day Theme

This year, Florida’s Earth Day theme is Green Schools, as part of a new collaboration to promote healthy schools and encourage conservation and environmental education. It’s important for the next generation to carry the torch for environmental issues, and celebrations in Tallahassee will highlight the vital role that students, teachers and educators have in environmental rehabilitation, preservation and protection.

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