Congratulations to our Photo Contest Winner!


Life's a Beach Photo Contest Winner (credit:

Florida Vacation Guide announces the Photo Contest winner

The voting for our Life’s a Beach Photo contestwrapped up yesterday and thanks to all who entered!

The Winner

We are pleased to announce the winner of our Life’s a Beach Photo Contest: Rachel Mitchell. The response we received was so overwhelming that we will be launching our next contest shortly so stay tuned! For today, congratulations to our winner!

Rachel Mitchell was chosen among the Top 10 entrants with the most votes to win an Amazon gift card. Her “Fun in the sun at the beach” photo had an original subject matter, great lighting and composition. We’re touching base with Rachel to see if she’ll let us share her photo in this article – if so, we’ll do an update  with the image.

Disqualified Entries

During the contest, we were alerted to a number of entries that weren’t legitimate and we have disqualified those where we could verify that they weren’t the owners of the content. We undertook this in the spirit of trust and openness but with the ease of file sharing and photoshop alterations, we knew we were going to be up for a challenge! We have done our best to ensure that all remaining entries were original content and that this contest was as fair as we could make it.

The Next Contest

Fear not, there are still more contests and awesome prizes to be had throughout 2012. We’ll keep you posted on all contests on our contest page so check back shortly.

Photo Tips for the Contest

If you didn’t become a published photographer in our contest, we hope that you will benefit from the photo tips that we issued throughout this month.

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