Celebrity News: Florida Rock 2 Live provides chance to win VIP Justin Bieber Experience

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Florida Vacation Guide to Celebrity News: Rock 2 Live offers chance to win a VIP  Justin Bieber Experience

Texting while driving is a very bad idea. This dangerous practice claims far too many lives. Every day, 15 people are killed in a motor vehicle accident involving a distracted driver.

This has a lot of people very motivated to raise awareness and to start making a change. A simple idea came from a group of students at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, Florida that is absolutely sweeping the nation and attracting a lot of international attention.

Rock 2 Live Music Festival

On April 28th at Florida Atlantic University’s new state-of-the-art stadium, the Rock 2 Live Music Festival will take place. Instigated by teens to raise awareness about the dangers of texting while driving, this concert will be broadcast through a revolutionary live-streaming interface bringing the message of texting responsibly to a national audience. The goal is that the campaign will reach millions of people.

Celebrities involved

Kelly Rowland, Flo Rida, One Republic, BadHorse, Surface Rising and Jessica Dawn are among the A-List talent confirmed for the event. Justin Bieber is not on the roster of performers, but he is involved in the cause.

Bieber took part in a PSA with PhoneGuard, concerning texting while driving, and, when you purchase an e-ticket to view a lag-free, crisp, streaming video of the Rock 2 Live music festival, you can register online to get yourself a free copy of PhoneGuard (regularly priced at 19.99) and you can also enter sweepstakes to won a “Taste Trip to Italy” and a “VIP Justin Bieber Experience.”

Speaking of Bieber and Boca Raton

Only yesterday Bieber was in Boca Raton in support of another of his favorite charities; Pencils of Promise. He made a visit to St. Andrew’s School to congratulate three siblings on raising almost $52,000 for the nonprofit organization that helps provide children around the world with basic education.

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