Best Dining Options at SeaWorld


Makahiki Luau ©SeaWorld

Makahiki Luau ©SeaWorld

Florida Vacation Guide: Best Dining at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is more than just marine mammals performing tricks, heart-stopping rides and up-close marine life encounters. They have educational exhibits, conservation programs and unique dining experiences. Although you can grab a pizza or quick chicken fingers and fries, there are other options. Dine with sharks, a Polynesian dancer or Elmo and friends – your choice!

Dine with Sharks

If adventure is your thing, enjoy your meal while sharks swim by your plate. The Sharks Underwater Grill at SeaWorld immerses you into an underwater world and fine dining. Yes it’s a theme park but the food is excellent, from pan-seared merluza to coconut crusted chicken spears. The setting is unique – even the bar surface is one large fish tank! You’ll be so mesmerized by the sharks, stingrays, and large fish, make sure you savor the food!

Share Breakfast with Elmo and friends

You never know who will stop by your table for a visit during your breakfast buffet with Elmo and Friends. Eat your eggs and toast but keep your camera handy for some up-close and personal time with your furry friends. Get a hug, grab an autograph or pose for photos with Elmo or one of his cuddly buddies.

Makahiki Luau

Start with a flower lei and tropical drink, then sit down for the show during the Makahiki Luau at SeaWorld’s Seafire Inn. A show and meal typically experienced in Hawaii, the island experience is recreated for you from Pacific Isle cuisine and costumes to Polynesian music to fire dancers. More than just dancers in grass skirts, you’ll get a sense of the breadth and energy during the entertainment, but pay attention to the food as well! There are hot dog and chicken tender options for children. Please note that park admission isn’t necessary for this dining experience but reservations are recommended.

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