Become a Junior Space Ranger in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Buzz Space Ranger Spin ©The Walt Disney Company

Buzz Space Ranger Spin ©The Walt Disney Company

Florida vacation offers Toy Story fans a chance to become Junior Space Rangers

Buzz Lightyear reporting to Star Command…

How many times has Toy Story been watched in your house? If you know all the words by heart just as well as your children do, imagine how excited everyone in the family will be when given the chance to become Junior Space Rangers!

Who doesn’t love to see good triumph over evil? Help Buzz stop the evil Emperor Zurg at one of the most fun Toy Story attractions at Disney World.

Disney Vacation Guide to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger

In this video-game-inspired attraction in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, suitable for the whole family, Buzz is trying to stop Emperor Zurg from stealing batteries out of helpless toys to build a weapon of mass destruction. After accepting your mission as a Junior Space Ranger, you’ll be seated in a space cruiser for two, fully equipped with a central joystick for spinning and two laser cannons. Each time you hit a target as you explore planets and battle robots, you’ll be awarded points and treated to fun special effects. At the end of the ride compare your rank against other Space Rangers!

Tip: A number of targets in the first room score high points.

Let’s talk about Toy Story

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