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Florida Vacation Guide: Avoid Spring Break Crowds in Destin, Cayo Costa and Merritt Island

If you planned a vacation for Spring Break and forgot it was student party central, there are places to escape the swell of crowds. If you can afford more expensive venues, it’s your best bet to steer clear of late-night beach bashes and loud DJ parties. Check out our tips below:

Escape to Merritt Island to avoid Daytona Beach crowds

Escape the all-night parties and  beach bashes at Daytona Beach by heading to the major birding destination, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. It’s 140,000 acres encompass an important birding destination and about 10,000  of those acres are devoted to NASA shuttle launches!  There are more than 500 species of wildlife in the refuge and during winter months, the 7-mile scenic auto tour along Black Point Wildlife Drive is the best place to see more than 50 waterfowl, shorebird, songbird and raptor species. Along this drive, the Cruickshank and Wild Birds hiking trails have viewing platforms and blinds to give you a better chance with your binoculars or photography.

Escape to Naples to avoid Miami crowds

If the crowds of student revelers in Miami are getting to you, the drive to Naples is worth it. With high-end boutiques, upscale golf courses, gourmet dining, art galleries and exclusive downtown shopping districts with a concierge, Naples spells luxury and not beach bash. The cost alone will keep college students looking for cheap beer away from here! Sometimes the best form of survival is outright avoidance so if you’re looking to really escape to the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary to see the largest stand of virgin bald cypress in the world, or catch a ferry to Cayo Costa State Park, where the beach is serene with not one high-rise in sight! You can go snorkeling, fishing and shelling, or even camp overnight.

Escape to Destin to avoid Panama City Beach crowds

If you want to escape the rowdy scene and bikini contests in Panama City beach, head to nearby fishing village of Destin. The activities in this sleepy town are lifting fishing rod or nine-iron rather than a jug of beer. Destin is for those who want to golf and spa or fish night and day.

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