3 Best Tips for Surviving Spring Break Crowds



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Florida Vacation Guide: 3 Best Tips for Surviving Spring Break Crowds

Oops! Booked a trip to Florida and forgot it was Spring Break season! Had enough of the late-night beach bashes, loud DJ parties and the Bikini parades? If you feel stuck with thousands of partying students, check out our tips below:

Know where the party’s happening

Know where party central is and then avoid that area, especially in the evening. The party bars and beaches are usually centralized into one area. This includes hotels (see below). The rowdy scene is usually on a specific beach stretch so figure that out beforehand.

Know where the partiers sleep

When you call to book a room, ask if they cater to families and couples or the student spring break crowd. Also ask if nearby hotels are similar (noise can carry). Since most students are on a budget, it you book yourself into a more expensive hotel or luxury resort, chances are you’ll steer clear of the all-night revelers. Same thing goes for accommodations that cater to families. And make sure you ask for a room in the quiet section of the hotel, just in case some students are traveling with their parent’s credit cards! And remember, if you get caught with a noise issue, rather than confront the students themselves (this usually doesn’t go over very well), contact the hotel security or front desk manager. Ask them what their noise policy is and let them enforce it.

Ask for a restaurant seat in the quiet section

Similar to booking a hotel room, plan ahead and make your restaurant reservations so you can be seated in the quiet section. And again, if you choose an expensive venue, chances are there will be less students. Tip: avoid the buffets, all-you-can eat and any place that offers cheap beer!

Tell us…

Were you once a party reveller? Do you remember the spring break days? Do you have any tips so we can all enjoy Spring Break in Florida?