Where to Shop: Unique gifts at Epcot for last-minute shoppers


Christmas shopping at Epcot (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Christmas shopping at Epcot (credit: The Walt Disney Company)


Florida Travel News: Let the kids play while you shop Epcot’s World Showcase

If you’re running out of ideas for unique Christmas gifts and your days and feet are wearing thin, plan on doing some holiday shopping at Disney World while your children are having fun at the attractions. At Epcot, you can shop at eleven different countries, to get a wide variety of items. Around the World Showcase there are over 65 boutiques and outdoor booths. Below is a sampling of some of the ethnic items you’ll find that are quintessential to the various pavilions:


From colorful piñatas and sombreros to silver and beaded jewelry, don’t forget the quaint outdoor stand, where you can have rings carved with a special name or message in minutes.


Whether it’s trolls, ski sweaters or an imitation Viking helmet with long braids, there are quintessential Norwegian gifts at this pavilion.


Silk ties, jade statues or delicate hand-painted umbrellas are only a few of the times you’ll find in the lantern-lit marketplaces and Asian bazaar.

The Village Traders

Stroll through this open-air marketplace for safari-style hats, African drums and authentic African carvings created before your eyes with a traditional tool called a ngomo.


Ticking cuckoo clocks, Steins and one of only eight outlets in the world that carry a complete collection of Hummels, there’s also a German wine cellar in this pavilion.


Elegant leather handbags, decadent Italian chocolates and Carnivale Masks, are all part of the Venetian setting in the Italy pavilion.


Carved ivory, tea serving sets and pearl jewelry stores are set amid the tranquil rock gardens and koi filled ponds.


Handcrafted straw bags, finger cymbals and tapestries are part of the maze of shops in exotic Morocco.

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