Now you can rent a Ferrari 458 Spider in Miami

Ferrari 458 Spider (credit: Lou La Vie)

Ferrari 458 Spider (credit: Lou La Vie)


Florida Travel News: Ferrari aficionados can rent the car of their dreams

Travelers love their automobiles, from sports cars to racing cars, especially when they can drive them all day rather than simply racing around a track. Luxury rental agency, Lou La Vie, has just added one of the coveted Ferraris on their lot and is the only agency in South Florida to rent the Ferrari 458 Spider.

The Ferrari 458 Spider

Although it looks similar to the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Spider is known for its design and performance. First of all, there’s the retractable hard-top that goes from a sleek luxe car to wild, carefree convertible in just 14 seconds flat. This is where the car is different from most convertibles, where the added weight detracts from the car’s agility. Ferrari kept that in mind with the 458 Spider where it sill has a 0-62 time of 3.4 seconds, the same as the 458 Italia. Even its top speed comes just 4 mph shy of the Italia’s speed of 202.

No more waiting

The demand for the Spider is so high that fans of Ferrari have to wait for two years before they can even the 458 because of the  limited production numbers. That’s where Lou La Vie comes to the rescue in time for the holidays – if you’re craving to get your hands on the wheel of a Spider, you can cruise downtown Miami in a rental for a day.

The Details

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