Weather news: Beware of flooding in the Pensacola area

Pensacola flooding (credit: National Weather Service)

Pensacola flooding (credit: National Weather Service)


Florida Travel Guide to Panhandle flooding

If you’re heading to the northern panhandle today, expect delays. That area of the Gulf Coast was drenched with rainfall, with some areas receiving more than 20 inches that caused flooding and major damages. Although there isn’t a heavy downpour expected for today, the rain is still continuing and the National Weather Service has still issued warnings.

Heavy rainfall

Pensacola was hit the hardest by heavy rain – according to the National Weather Service, West Pensacola had 21.7 inches of rain. Other coastal areas along Florida’s panhandle, such as Destin, only received an inch of rain.


Both Florida’s Santa Rosa and Escambia County were in a state of emergency. From a 200-unit apartment evacuation to the power outage at the Escambia County Jail, flooding hit Escambia County (which includes Pensacola) the hardest where damages are expected to rise over $20 million.

Rip Current Warning till 1 p.m.

Wind, waves and tides are creating a high risk of Rip Currents along the Florida panhandle and there is a high risk warning until 1 pm today. Follow the advice of beach patrols or life guards and check all posted signs or flags before you enter the water – one drowning has already been reported off of Florida’s Pensacola Beach. Rip currents often occur at low spots so be especially aware of this if you’re close to a jetty or pier. Stay safe if you’re heading to the beach and check our Safety Guide for Rip Currents.

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