Want something unique for a Valentine’s memory?

Sea Trek Kiss © Miami Seaquarium

Sea Trek Kiss © Miami Seaquarium


Florida Travel Guide: Unusual Valentine’s Celebrations

A kiss may be just a kiss, but to kiss a loved one underwater … it might just spark something unique! Between above and underwater options,  there are plenty of unusual Valentine’s Day options in Florida:

Underwater Kiss

Hold hands for 20 minutes as you walk underwater together amid tropical fish through a 300,000 gallon tropical reef. You don’t need scuba or snorkeling gear – your dive helmet lets you breathe naturally. As you’re wrapped in a frenzy of fish during a feeding, give yourselves a helmet kiss. Now  that’s amore and a moment you won’t forget! Make a reservation for the SeaTrek Reef Encounter at the Miami Seaquarium. Cost is $99.

Dolphin Delivery

Swimming with a dolphin is enough to put a smile on both of your faces, and, create a memorable experience that both of you have shared together. If you want to top it off and are looking for a novel way to say, “I Love You”, try the following. After swimming and playing with bottlenose dolphins, this delightful sea mammal can swim directly to your loved one and deliver  your words of  love on a buoy.  It can be captured on film as well depending on the SeaWorld package your choose (they start at $129 in addition to park admission and a dolphin swim package).

Drive the Beach

Get nostalgic or do it for the first time! Drive for 11 miles along Daytona Beach’s 500 feet wide and the hard-packed sand.  When the tide is right, a portion of the beach’s 23 mile stretch of sand, is open from Nov. 1 to April 30th so check on times to make sure you won’t be disappointed. You’re stepping back to the turn of the 20th century when Rockefeller and his wealthy friends would cruise the sandy strip. Once you’ve finished the drive, the water is there for you lovebirds to enjoy – we’ll leave the rest up to your imagination…

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