Using Apple’s Siri as a Travel Guide

iPhone4s with Reminders © Apple Inc.

iPhone 4s with Reminders © Apple Inc.


Florida Travel Guide: Traveling with Siri

Does the idea of a technological travel companion interest you? A replacement for waiting in line or on the phone for the hotel concierge? Voice-recognition software, once a component of Sci-Fi stories, is becoming a part of our daily existence, even in travel. Read on!

Meet Siri

Meet Siri, the key feature in Apple’s iPhone 4s. Apple released the “Road Trip” video (see below) this week to showcase its voice-recognition system as a key component for travel. The video showcases several travel scenarios we all want to avoid – being lost, running out of gas, looking for a food-specific restaurant. In the half-minute clip, it shows Siri as the answer. Rather than pulling out a map, or a guidebook (or guide app), you simply speak into your phone and Siri does the searching for you.

How it Works

The video focuses on a Gen Y couple on a road trip across the United States, asking for directions, the best bbq, the nearest gas station, etc. Along with the variety of questions is the dreaded, “Where are we?” as they’re sitting in a restaurant. Each time, Siri finds the answer for them. The video suggests other possibilities beyond directional advice: finding information on constellations (“what does Orion look like?), for example, and placing a reminder for upcoming travel. It adds a whole other dimension to a spontaneous road trip!

The Video

Watch the video and let us know what you think? If you’re traveling with children, pressed for time or sick of reading fine print, voice recognition could make traveling simpler. If you like to discover as you go, it may not be your choice. Let us know if Siri would be the tipping point for you if  you were choosing a new smartphone?

Tell us…

When you travel through Florida or elsewhere, do you rely on your mobile devices as a guide?