Try one of Florida’s eco-friendly spas

Spa Details (credit: SanDestin)

Spa Details (credit: SanDestin)


Florida Travel Guide to Green Spas in Florida

On the heels of Earth Day, perhaps some of you pledged to be more environmentally aware and take better care of our earth. If a spa is on your agenda, try one that has eco-friendly practices.

Green Spa Criteria

The Green Spa Network is trying to create a standard in this burgeoning movement. Following are a few sustainable aspects to green spas – ask before you book to to see if any of these practices are being used:

-eliminating toxins in the spa, from healthy floor coverings, such as bamboo or non-treated wood to paints that are toxin-free

-reducing noise and other distractions such as electronic buzz

-creating natural treatments instead of synthetic components in a treatment, for greater health benefits

-incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices from recycling to water savings such as low-flow toilets and shower heads

Find a green spa near you

Find a spa that is part of the Green Spa Network on their website. Click on the “Visit a Green Spa” or “Find a GSN Member Spa” link. There are quite a variety of spas from major chains to independents such as the The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Naples or the smaller Bloom Organics in Sarasota.

Green Spas in Florida

Following are spas that are part of the Green Spa Network. There are other spas that also have green practices and may not be part of this association, so do ask about their sustainable efforts.


  • Natural Cosmetics Limited, Inc., 11451 NW 36th Ave.
  • The Madison Collection, 2632 North Miami Ave.
  • Uhma Organic Spa & Green Shop, 726 6th Street, Miami Beach

Deerfield Beach

  •  Stella Maris spa & tea room, 822 SE 9th Street, Palm Plaza


  •  The Ritz-Carlton Spa, 644 104th Ave. N.


  • Bloom Organics, 2065 Siesta Drive

St. Petersburg

  •  Inspire Natural Beauty, 1041 Central Ave.

Coral Gables

  •  Les Nouvelles Esthetiques and Spa

Gulf Breeze

  •  Yoga Balm, 6403 Heronwalk Dr.

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