Travel Tip: Three things to keep in mind when booking a Florida vacation with children

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Florida Travel Guide: Three important travel tips for parents of small children

If you’re planning a Florida vacation with young children in tow, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind that single travelers would never have to consider.

Travel tips for parents of young children

Pay close attention to flight details

When you’re traveling with kids, for instance, and you’re looking into any flights that have stopovers, pay real close attention to the amount of time you have between connections. Here’s an example. If you’re traveling with an infant and a three year old, and you have a 1 hour layover in a large airport, you are going to have to run like a maniac in order to make your next flight. When you consider you might have a hungry child (or two) on your hands, three carry-on bags, checked luggage, a purse, a coat, or whatever else you might have with you, you should make close attention to be sure you’ll have enough time to make your connecting flight. This is something you might not have given any thought to when you traveled before having little ones tagging along!

Don’t forget the car seats

Depending on the ages and stages of your children, you may need to reserve a child safety seat for your rental car. It’s no problem to secure one of these, providing you book early. If you show up at the rental car kiosk and request a car seat at that time, you may find yourself out of luck. If you have a booster seat of your own that you would like to bring with you to save money on the rental of one, call your airline ahead of time to make sure you’ll be permitted to take it on the plane with you.

Take as much carry-on as you can manage

Most airlines allow a piece of carry-on luggage and one personal item per passenger (including the children). But if Mom has a piece of carry-on, a laptop bag and a purse, and Dad is going with a carry-on bag, don’t forget that someone is going to need hands to hold on to the children. Even though the kids are each allowed a bag, if they’re at an age where they can’t manage them on their own make sure that the bags you pack for them can easily be carried by mom and dad. A backpack is perfect. Use your carry-on bags to stow anything of importance that you don’t want to risk losing if your checked baggage ends up being a no show at your destination. Think: security blanket, favorite storybook, medication, changes of clothes, snacks and so on and so forth.

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