Travel Tip: How to not bring home bed bugs from your vacation


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Florida Travel Guide: How to travel bed bug free

While it is possible to end up with a bed bug infestation in your home without having traveled to an exotic location, going on a vacation is a much more likely way to end up with a bedroom crawling with these pests.

With Memorial Day weekend coming up there will be a high volume of travelers moving from place to place making conditions right for encountering bed bugs. There are some tips you can follow, though, to reduce the chances of you bringing home a bed bug infestation as an unpleasant reminder of your vacation.

Stay bed bug free on your vacation

Start protecting yourself before you leave home. Cover your mattress and box spring with bed bug-proof encasements. That way if you end up bringing home bed bugs, at least you’ll be able to prevent them from getting into your mattresses.

Keep your luggage away from high-traffic bed bug areas. When you get to your hotel, keep your bags out of closets and away from the bed and other furniture. Also, keep it closed at all times. Try using the luggage racks or set your bags in the bathtub. It’s also a good idea to leave the luggage in the car until after you’ve inspected your room for bugs.

Inspect your room. The minute you walk into your room, carefully inspect the mattresses, headboard and baseboards for bed bugs. They can also hide behind art hanging on the walls. You’ll either be looking for evidence if live bugs; brownish or black spots and shed bed bug skins. If you discover an infestation, immediately request a different room, far away from that one.

Do the laundry. When you get home head straight to the laundry room and wash everything with hot water and dry in dry heat. If you need to carry your bags through your house to get to the laundry room, put them in garbage bags or laundry bags to prevent bed bugs from drooping off through your house along the way.

If you still end up with a bed bug infestation, call a pest management company trained in treating for these nasty pests.

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