Travel Tip: How to navigate Florida’s road tolls

Florida Turnpike (credit: Florida Turnpike Enterprise)

Florida Turnpike (credit: Florida Turnpike Enterprise)

Florida Travel Guide: Navigating the tolls along Florida’s highways

When you travel through Florida on your vacation, it might surprise you how many toll plazas there are throughout the state. If you’ve been to Florida before and are aware of the amount of places you need to stop to pay at toll plazas, you may not yet know this, but there have been some changes made to the way tolls are collected.

Florida moves to all-electronic open road tolling

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise started making changes in 2011 that would eventually mean a conversion throughout the state of all toll plazas from cash collection to electronic collection. You will notice signs at toll plazas about electronic open road tolling which will mean drivers won’t actually have to stop at toll plazas to pay cash to pass. Cash collection booths are going to disappear to be replaced by overhead cameras and readers scanning for license plates and SunPass transponders in a system that is widely considered to be more convenient and safer.

How does electronic road tolling work?

Cameras over travel lanes will take photographs of any vehicle license plate that does not belong to a SunPass owner. A bill will be sent to the owner of the vehicle, in addition to a $2.50 administration fee. If you’re using a rental car on your vacation, check with your rental company about the best option for you as far as tolls are concerned.

If you’re going to be in Florida for an extended time, consider getting a SunPass.

Expect lane closures

This project started with 47 miles of the Turnpike from Milepost 0 in Florida City north to Milepost 47 at the Miami-Dade/Broward County line. By next summer, it is expected that the next section of the Turnpike (to I-595 in Broward County) will be complete. While this construction is taking place you can expect to see lane closures throughout the state of Florida.

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