Travel Tip: Don’t let the bed bugs bite


Bed bug

Florida Travel Guide: Inspecting your hotel room for bed bugs.

The one type of souvenir no traveler wants to bring home with them is a bag full of bed bugs. Unfortunately, these unwanted pests are showing up in hotels across the United States. And sadly, Florida is no exception.

The thing about bed bugs is that because they travel around from suitcase to suitcase, just because you’re booked into a fancy resort that appears to be very clean, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to encounter a bed bug left behind from another traveler.

How do you check your hotel room for bed bugs?

  • If you have yourself booked in a hotel that has had reports of bed bugs, or if you want to be extra careful, leave your luggage in the car before you check in. That way you don’t risk picking up a couple of these tricky bugs when you set your luggage down in a bed bug infested room.
  • Bring a flashlight with you when you travel (an LED light on a keychain would be a good choice) and check the darkest corners of your room for oval-shaped, appleseed-sized brown bed bugs.
  • Carefully inspect the bed linens (including the piping and the seams of the mattress) and the dust ruffle for bugs.
  • Check the bed frame and behind the headboard.
  • Inspect all of the furniture and behind the pictures hanging on the walls.

What if you find bed bugs in your room?

Go to the front desk and request another room nowhere near the one where you discovered an infestation. Bed bugs can travel through duct work and they can scurry across the hallway easily enough. Inspect the new room for bed bugs before settling in.


Leave your luggage, shoes and clothing in the hotel room bathtub where it’s less likely to come into contact with bed bugs. Even if you do encounter a bed bug through the night, at least you stand a better chance of not bringing it home with you if your luggage is protected.

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