Travel Safety Tips: Personal Evacuation Plan for Hurricane Season

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Florida Travel Guide: Creating your personal evacuation plan

Each year, U.S. forecasters predict the season’s tropical storms and potential hurricanes. Once storms start to take force and spin off of coastal areas, travelers start to take note. It’s best to be prepared with a hurricane checklist and a personal evacuation plan – there is much to do when a storm is looming.

Your Evacuation Route

-understand the types of storms that require evacuation

-figure out what your storm surge evacuation zone is

-decide on an evacuation route and destination (use county evacuation shelters as a last resort)

-always have an alternate plan in case your first choice for an evacuation route is flooded

-prepare your vehicles ahead of time

Checking In

-choose a relative that is out-of-state to be a point of contact for all family members in case you’re not together during the evacuation

-if there is an individual with special needs, make sure they are registered at the local Emergency management office

Start Waterproofing

-waterproof valuable documents such as passports, important ID, medical and travel insurance policies

-keep prescription medicines in a waterproof container and have enough of a supply for evacuation

Get Supplies Early

When a hurricane warning is issued, stores are emptied of their stock very quickly. Go early and have your checklist with you so you don’t forget any important supplies.

-shelters don’t provide any conveniences so make sure you bring necessary supplies with you

When a hurricane strikes

If a hurricane does hit your area, make sure you follow all evacuation orders. Although often precautionary measures, they can save our life and keep emergency workers out of danger if major flooding occurs.

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